Servicing & Maintenance

Battery & Seal Replacement

We only use premium quality batteries for your watch. Battery & Seals are recommended to be replaced together to insure water resistance back to manufacturer specifications.


Our trained technicians will properly size your watches bracelet and safely remove links to insure proper fitment.


We have a diverse selection of leather, rubber, and metal bands to choose from. We also accept custom orders.


Replacement and lubrication of all seals followed by moisture testing to guarantee your watches water resistance back to manufacturer specifications.


Our state-of-the-art equipment thoroughly cleans your watches case and bracelet to remove all dirt and oils.

Mechanical Watch Demagnetization

With our state-of-the-art demagnetization machine we can safely remove all magnetism from your watch as a complimentary service.

Complete Overhaul

Upon approval of your detailed estimate our trained watchmakers begin our complete overhaul service.

Step 1

After carefully inspecting your watches case, bracelet, and movement, skilled watchmakers begin completely dismantling your case and bracelet. The dial and hands are inspected then removed and safely stored.

Step 2

The movement is completely dismantled and inspected for worn or damaged parts. Every component is then ultrasonically cleaned and dried in our state-of-the-art cleaning machine using four factory approved cleaning and rinsing solvents.

Step 3

Worn and damaged components are then replaced with genuine replacement parts. The movement is carefully reassembled and lubricated with the proper synthetic oils and greases to reduce friction, wear and keep your timepiece working as the manufacturer intended.

Step 4

Upon completion of assembly our watchmakers calibrate the movement back to its manufacturer specifications using our state-of-the-art witschi X1 G3 timing machine to insure best possible time keeping.

Step 5

The watches dial and hands are then reassembled. We insure proper alignment of hands and date change at midnight.

Step 6

Your case and bracelet are refinished by a trained professional using a full variable speed polishing motor. Specialized wheels and compounds such as felt, cotton, artiflex, and buff flex wheels are used. With the right speeds and techniques we are able to achieve excellent results. Certain finishes require special jigs and lathes to accomplish factory finishing.

Step 7

Upon completion of refinishing, your case and bracelet is ultrasonically cleaned, rinsed, steamed, and dried. The case is carefully reassembled and all seals are replaced to insure water resistance.

Step 8

Your movement is then reinstalled in a HEPA sealed clean room and is tested for vacuum, pressure and condensation back to the manufacturers water specification.

Step 9

The last stage of our complete overhaul service is quality control which includes:

– Accuracy of the movements rate in 5 positions
– Efficiency of the movements automatic winding mechanism if present
– Power reserve testing
– Final aesthetics of dial, hands, case, and bracelet
– Safe packing to return back to the customer

Repair & Restorations

Rust Removal & Restoration

Our skilled watchmakers have the expertise required to restore your watch to look and function as close to new as possible.

Dial Refinishing

We offer dial refinishing options to restore your watches dial to it’s original specifications.

Balance Staffing

Our trained watchmakers have the proper tools and skills to replace your watches broken, worn, or bent balance staff to drastically improve your watch movements timing and function.

Dynamic & Static Poising

We offer different poising options to greatly improve positional errors and time keeping by removing or adding weight to your movements balance wheel.

Laser Welding & Case Repair

With our state-of-the-art laser welding machine we can repair major dents and damage to your watches case and bracelet by adding new material and properly refinishing.